Atma Ram Kishan Chand

XLPE Sheets

XLPE is a cross linked closed cell polyethylene insulation available in a roll form, designed and developed to save time and reduce cost. XPE sheets are light grey in colour and are available in a standard width of 1.5 mtr. and thickness of 6mm, 9mm, 13mm, 19mm and 25mm. XPE sheets are also available with an aluminium foil face  and self adhesive quality, the working temperature range is -40 degree C to +115 degree C. The density of XPE is 30 to 35 kg. / m3 and is self extinguishing, hence proves to be a safe and effective insulation solution.

Applications :
XLPE can be used for underdeck / overdeck wall insulation, thermal insulation of ducts, cold storages and evaporative cooling plants etc.

Benefits  :

  • Very efficient insulation
  • Safety because of self extinguishing property
  • Can be glued to each or to metals.
  • Consistent thermal conductivity.