Nitrile Insulation Sheets

Nitrile sheet or tube is a flexible elastomeric thermal insulation. Sheets are available in roll form.The cell structure with in the sheet or tube effectively retards the flow of moisture vapour and is considered a low transmittance vapour retarder. Sheet and tubes are black in colour, the standard thickness of both tube and sheets are 3,6,9,13,19,25, and 32 mm, the sheets are 1 meter in width and the tubes are 6 feet(1.83m) in length. Nitrile tubes are used to insulate pipes. Pipes are of different dismeters hence nitrile tubing is available in dismeters ranging from 6 mm(1/4 inch to 89 mm(3 and ½ inch).Nitrile sheet and tubing has a temperature range from -40 deg cent. to 115 deg cent.

Benefits :
The advantages of Nitrile sheet and tubing insulation are that it has no fire spread, it minimizes vapour penetration resulting in a long term performance, the quality of low thermal conductivity results in energy saving, high resistance to heat transfer, self extinguishing and non dripping.

Applications :
Nitrile sheet and tubing can be installed in commercial, residential and industrial insulation projects.

Specifications :

  • Density : 50-60 kg/m3 (10% tolerance)
  • Temperature range : -40 deg cent to 115 deg oncent
  • Water absorption :
    • 0.030 @-40 deg cent.
    • 0.032@-20 deg cent
    • 0.035@0 deg cent
    • 0.037@20 deg cent.
  • Ecological Data :
    • PH7(Neutral)
    • No Asbestos
    • No HCFL-CFC
    • No Formal dehyde-cd
  • Dimension :
    • Sheet in rolls 1 meter wide tubes 1.83 meter long. Custom
    • SBC available on request.


Reaction to fire

BS 476 part 7 class 1

BS 476 part 6 class 0

Euro Class, EN 13501 Class B

Water absorption after 28 days – Max. 0.9% Corrosion risk resistance to U.V. & weather

Max. 0.9%

pH 7 (Neutral)

As per ASTM G23