Atma Ram Kishan Chand

Fiber Glass Wool

Fiber glasswool is a quality glass wool which is made from pure silica sand does not support combustion even in direct, prolonged contact with flames. It emits no toxic fumes or smoke, the two biggest hazards to health and life in the event of a fire, with BIOSOLUBLE FIBRES thus making its application and use safer. Glasswool is a complete fire safe product.

Benefits :

  • Relatively easy to install if ceiling space is open.
  • Both Heating and Cooling properties
  • Reduces noise – Acoustic properties.
  • Resistant to Fire.
  • Resistant to Insects.
  • Does not Shrink.


(available with aluminium foil (FSK) and without aluminium foil (UNF)




12 kg / m3

25, 50mm

16 kg / m3

25, 50mm

24 kg / m3

25, 50mm

32 kg / m3

25, 50mm

48 kg / m3

25, 50mm